2018 was a brilliant year for comic-book movies, but which was the best? Read Kieran’s complete ranking of every major comic-book film released in 2018.



I think it would be impossible for even the harshest critic to deny that 2018 was a brilliant year for comic-book movies! From the heart-breaking and mind-blowing Avengers: Infinity War to the utterly surprising and entertaining Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, this past year has given us some genuinely great superhero adventures, which only makes my job here infinitely more difficult.


Honestly, I think I had a harder time composing this list than The Avengers did battling Thanos and his children. Okay, maybe not but still, it was pretty damn tricky. Worry not though, I managed to get the job done and if you take a look below, you’ll find my honest and unapologetic ranking of every comic-book movie (released in cinemas) that was released in 2018.

8. Venom

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: Ruben Fleischer

I’m not going to sit here and act like I enjoyed Venom because to put it simply, I didn’t. Aside from Tom Hardy’s entertaining but weird performance as Eddie Brock, the first film in Sony’s Spider-Man universe is a poorly written and horrifically executed disaster.

7. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: Aaron Horvath, Peter Rida Michail

Even though I’ve never seen an episode of the animated series, I found Teen Titans Go To The Movies to be a wonderfully clever animated movie, which was elevated by hilarious references and more than a few recurring gags.

6. Ant-Man And The Wasp

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: Peyton Reed

The fact that Ant-Man And The Wasp lands towards the bottom of this list reflects how good this year truly was for comic-book movies. Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man sequel was another win for the MCU, giving fans a wonderfully fun and clever adventure film. Compared to some of the other movies on this list though, Ant-man And The Wasp feels somewhat unimportant and dare I say, basic.

5. Aquaman

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: James Wan

It’s big, it’s bold and it’s certainly beautiful! Following Justice League, which many judged as a stumble, James Wan’s aquatic superhero film marks another step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe. Aquaman gives comic-book fans a faithful and utterly unique superhero movie, packed with stunning visuals, badass action and some wonderfully bizarre sequences.

4. Deadpool 2

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: David Leitch

If you thought Tim Miller captured lightning in a bottle with the first film, think again. Proving that the original wasn’t just a stroke of luck, great casting and good timing, Deadpool 2 managed to live up to the hype, with Ryan Reynolds delivering another hilarious and raunchy adventure with Marvel’s foul-mouthed, fourth wall breaking anti-hero.

3. Black Panther

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: Ryan Coogler

I knew Black Panther would be good, I just didn’t expect it to be that good! Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther broke the Marvel Studios mould, giving both fans and newcomers an incredibly entertaining and powerful standalone adventure, with wonderful characters, a brilliant villain, well-choreographed set-pieces and a genuinely thrilling narrative.

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: Peter Ramsey, Robert Persichetti Jr., Rodney Rothman

If you had told me at the start of the year that Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie would make its way into my number two spot, I would’ve called you crazy, but life often finds weird ways to surprise us. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse mixes groundbreaking animation with a heartfelt origin story, giving is the best Spider-Man flick yet.

1. Avengers: Infinity War

2018 Comic-Book Movies Ranked

Director: The Russo Brothers

Against all odds, the Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios found a way to bring the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe together, while still managing to tell a concise, exciting, emotional and extremely shocking story. Avengers: Infinity War might be the most important blockbuster of the decade and luckily for us, it’s also one of the best!

So there you have it, my complete and honest ranking of every major comic-book movie released in 2018! I’m more than sure that your ranking will look completely different, so make sure you let me know how you’d rank the 2018 comic-book movies in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with me through Twitter.

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